Student Participation

Student Participation at USG
You probably know that there is student participation in USG, but what this really means might not be obvious. USG students are represented within the REBO Board, the Faculty Council, the USG Board, the Master Board, the Bachelor Board  and the Education Committee. Want to know more about what these students can do for you? Send an e-mail to!

Within USG students who are active in student participation are united in a body called StudentBelang. What StudentBelang does is explained below by means of the answering of four questions.

What is StudentBelang?
StudentBelang is a body which is facilitated by study association Perikles. Students of USG who are active in student participation at USG take a seat in this body. The students are active in different ways: in the Education Committee, the REBO Board or in one of the boards of USG. Directly or indirectly elected, appointed or nominated, all students who have a function within the student participation at USG represent you!

What does StudentBelang at this moment?
Your opinion counts and that is why we will ask your opinion about important issues. We can do this by inviting students to engage in discussion on issues that arise within USG. Would you like to be kept informed of the activities of StudentBelang? Keep an eye on the StudentBelang Facebookpage.

What can StudentBelang do for me?
Do you, as a student, have a question, complaint, remark, tip or idea about the state of affairs at USG? For example, matters relating to education (both content and practical), where you can think of the quality of the lessons, the number of contact hours, the size of the learning groups and exams that are checked too late. Or do you have a question or comment about things that are about ICT, the building, the library, let StudentBelang know!