Booksale third period

Study Association Perikles provides a book sale for courses at the Utrecht School of Governance. Through a cooperation with StudyStore we can sell the books to our members with a discount of 10%. If you are not a member yet, you can send an e-mail to! Throughout the year we have 4 booksales, before the start of every period.

At the moment you can order books for the 3th period via this link ( Use the account you have made earlier this year, or make a new one if you haven’t got a Studystore account yet. You have until the 21th of january to order your books. Because of the new covid measures, the books will be delivered to your home adress. It is necessary to pay directly by Ideal or credit card. Please also notice that some courses require you to buy readers, you can buy these readers via this link ( Readers will be delivered at your home.

Do you have any questions regarding the booksale? Send an email to