In order to become a member of Perikles, you must be registered at USG, which means that you either have to study at the regular Bachelor or Masterprogramma of USG, or have to be enrolled as a minorstudent or international student at USG. When you become a member you can participate in all kinds of study related, but also relaxing and career orienting activities. Think of a symposium, monthly drinks, the annual Brussels Journey, a study trip, many interesting lectures, a prom and other parties.

Besides that, you can also enjoy free coffee and tea in the Periklesroom where you can meet other students from USG and have a talk with them and the Periklesboard. In short, becoming a member of Perikles will give you a nice insight in the studentlife of Utrecht! There’s no reason for not becoming a member of Perikles for 15 euro per year. So fill in the form below.

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