Committees and workgroups


Study association Perikles makes sure that throughout the academic year, fun and varied activities are organized. Most activities are organized by a committee or workgroup. Do you want to challenge yourself and get more out of your study time? Do you want to get to know your (older) fellow students and have a fun time where sociability is central? Become an active member of Perikles! With all the different committees and workgroups that Perikles offers, there is always a committee or workgroup that perfectly suits your wishes.

This are all the committees Perikles has:

– Educational Activities Committee
– Relaxing Activities Committee
– Sports Activities Committee
– Almanak Committee
– Career Committee
– Party Committee
– Introduction Committee

– First year Committee
– Masters Committee
– Perceptie Editors
– Research Project Committee
– Studytrip Committee
– Symposium Committee
– Weekend Trip Committee


Workgroups often consist of fewer members than the committees, but what is most characteristic of workgroups is that it is possible to take place in multiple workgroups. It is also possible to participate at the same time in a workgroup, and in a committee. In contrast to the fact that it is not possible to take part in more than one committee at the same time.

Perikles has the following workgroups:

– Foundation Move workgroups
– Perikles Consulting Group
– Educative Lessons Workgroup
– Workgroup Social Initiatieve
– Cultural Collective

Do you have questions about what they do and do you want to become active in one of them? Send an e-mail to or come by the Periklesroom to talk about your wishes. The language which is used in all our committees and workgroups is Dutch, but we are sure we can find a solution with you.